Everyone has their own reason why they can't lift weights every day. Some people can't afford a gym membership. Others may not want to spend money on dumbbells or other free weights for their home.

Whichever category you fall in, there's a solution for you. You don't always have to lift weights in order to get fit and build muscle, even though they will help accelerate the process.

Using your own body weight can be just as effective, and it's always accessible to you!

Here are five effective ways to build muscle without weights that can be done at any time and in just about any location.

1. Push-ups

5 Simple Ways To Build Muscle Without Weights

Doing push-ups is one of the best ways to get a full upper body workout. You may not realize how many muscles push-ups work until you feel sore the next day. And you really don’t even have to do a significant amount to feel a little tightness.

If you do as little as 50 push-ups each day, you will notice some results after a few weeks. And if you feel comfortable doing so, you can increase the amount that you do. Not only will you be working your chest and shoulders, you’ll also be giving yourself an abs workout as well.

You can also do push-ups from your knees if you don’t have the strength to do them with just your arms at first. You might get as good of a workout that way as long as you do enough repetitions to make it worth it.

2. Squats

5 Simple Ways To Build Muscle Without Weights

Most people don’t enjoy doing squats, however, you can’t deny the benefits that they have on your legs and gluteus. If you aren’t used to doing a lot of squats, it won’t take long for you to feel the burn, even if you aren’t holding weights.

You can mix in different types of squats as well. In addition to the standard squat, you can do sumo squats, jump squats, side-to-side squats and lunge squats. If those sound like they would give you a workout, then you are absolutely correct. They will burn at first, but once you get past the initial soreness, you will want to keep going and try to increase your reps as much as you can.

After a few weeks, you will notice some tone in your legs if you do some sort of squat routine regularly. Squats are great because you can vary the type that you do, and you can usually increase the repetitions quickly after you start working out. The results are well worth the little bit of discomfort that you may feel.

3. Pull-ups and Chin-ups

5 Simple Ways To Build Muscle Without Weights

You deserve to give yourself a good workout by purchasing a bar to do pull-ups and chin-ups. Pulling up your entire body weight is a lot harder than it seems. Generally, your strength is proportional to your weight, so it’s equally difficult for a lighter person to do these as it would be for a heavier person.

Your biceps, forearms, shoulders and abs will get a good workout when you do pull-ups or chin-ups regularly.

Start out slow with these, though, because they are a lot more difficult than they sound. Doing short sets of ten at first is probably sufficient, and then you can work yourself up to more reps.

4. Explosive Exercises

5 Simple Ways To Build Muscle Without Weights

If you want to work a little cardio into your training, then doing exercises that require explosiveness is the way to go. These types of exercises are called plyometrics, and they work to get you fit by demanding a lot from your muscles in a short amount of time.

Some of the popular explosive exercises include jump squats, jump lunges, and box drills. Think of yourself as a sprinter on the starting line before a race. As soon as the race starts, you have to explode out of your stance to get the best start.

That is the idea behind explosive exercises. You will really notice a difference in your legs, as long as you do them correctly. They aren’t meant to just go through the motions and do a certain amount of repetitions every night. Doing intense intervals will give you the best results.

5. Core Strength

5 Simple Ways To Build Muscle Without Weights

Your core strength is the center of the strength of your entire body. If you have a weak core, then chances are you will be weaker in other areas as well. Try doing a core workout and then doing push-ups after that. You will really notice if you have weak abs once you do that.

You need to do more than just sit-ups or crunches in order to strengthen your core. Working in some oblique and lower back exercises will also help strengthen your entire body. Most people don’t realize that their core strength is what keeps the rest of their body strong, so it’s definitely not something that should be overlooked.

One of the best exercises to do to strengthen your entire core is plank. You can do planks on your elbows or your hands, and you can incorporate different motions as well. Not only will you get an intense ab workout by holding a plank, you’ll also be working your back, shoulders, hips and obliques.


If you are physically able to lift weights and have the means to purchase them, then your efforts will be rewarded more quickly. However, doing these exercises with just your own body weight will still allow you to build muscle.

Sometimes you’ll just have to do more repetitions in order to make the workout effective. That’s exactly what will help you gain fitness!

We all want to be fit, but we also don't want to be inconvenienced most of the time. Using your own body weight to workout is the best of both worlds since it's always accessible and you can do your workouts anywhere and anytime!

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