We’ve all walked by the cycle room tucked in the back of the gym. We’ve gazed on at the “spinners” playing their techno music, hooting and hollering, and carry on through class like it’s a party. It not only looks intimidating, but ridiculous to ride a bike inside when you could just ride outside, right?

Wrong! What most people don’t realize is that spinning is a creative, motivating, and challenging way to exercise. Whether you choose to try a class or jump on a bike on your own, training on a spin bike can appeal to everyone.

Spin bike training

What is Indoor Cycling?

Indoor cycling comes by a few names, including “Spinning©,” “cycle,” and “cycling.”  There are many versions and trademarks, but one thing is the same: spinning provides people of all fitness levels an opportunity to exercise in a safe space and exercise effectively.

Train For You

There are four primary techniques used by trainers in spinning classes: hills/climbs, sprints/surges, jumps/pick-ups and interval training. Follow a combination of these drills for optimal physical exertion and you’ll be hooking on indoor spinning!

#1 - Hills/Climbs

One of the more efficient ways to train on a spin bike is to increase tension. Following a method of increasing tension, hills provide the added challenge of engaging the muscles in your lower extremities while at the same time maintaining cadence. The engagement of the muscles assists in developing those lower body muscles.

#2 - Sprints/Surges

Increasing your pace to a maximum of 120 Rotations per Minute and a minimum of 95 Rotations per Minute, sprints are meant to increase your heart rate. In addition to burning fat, the main purpose of a sprint is to get you to your maximum heart rate zone.

#3 - Jumps/Pick-Ups

Jumps (“aka” pick-ups) engage the lower body and the core. Engaging the legs to raise yourself up off the seat for about 4 to 8 beats per minute of a song. On the way back down, engage the abdominals to make a soft landing back into the saddle.

#4 - Interval Training

Interval training is a popularized form of exercise in many facets. It can also be utilized on a spin bike by combining different variations of the previously mentioned exercises. For example, rolling hills are when you increase tension for a period of time and as you back off the tension you can increase the pace into a sprint for a few seconds.

Ride To The Beat

Music plays a key role in a Spinning © class and in a personal ride. Shape Magazine put together a good starting playlist for those that are looking for some songs to start their ride. In this article the songs have also been paired with an example exercise:

Don’t forget to conclude your workout with a full body stretch and a lot of water!

Hopefully, you now have a taste for indoor cycling. Whether you choose to ride in a class or on your own there is a workout for everyone. Grab a towel, your bottle of water and some energy, and go for a ride today!

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